MINA ceramic reed diffuser with gold lips

Luxury room diffuser shaped as a woman with lipstick made from 12% real gold and a classic elegant black and white dress. Head and body are versatile objects while being separable.



Height: 20 cm/ 8” in

Width: 12,5 cm/5” in

Depth : 12,5 cm/5” in




Possible differences in dimensions and painting are not defects but guarantee hand-made working


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"Mina” is a ceramic diffuser with an extremely elegant and innovative design. Handmade and hand painted “Mina” will decorate every room with her discreet scented presence. She comes in a beautiful packaging with elegant black reeds and 250 ml of a very fresh and delicate fragrance which was created just for her. Some of the fragrance's notes are Neroli oil, Etna Lime and Amber. Head and body are separated, the head holds the fragrance whilst the body protects from direct contact with delicate surfaces. You can also use the head as a flower vase and the body as a bowl. You can have fun buying a different dress or head in the future. You can buy a fragrance refill from us or fill the head with any other home fragrance you find on market.


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