MAGDA handmade ceramic mug

Magda is a handmade ceramic mug with a particular handle and a classy and funny design. Magda loves holding your tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Her particular modern design makes her very versatile, able to become your new desk pen holder or a classy makeup organizer. As Magda is available in many colors, you have to discover the one which represents you the most. Let’s have fun with her design!



Height : 12 cm| 4,7’’in
Width : 9,5 cm| 3,7’’in


Warning: don’t put Magda in the microwave or in the dishwasher, she’s completely handmade, preserve her!


Possible differences in painting are guarantee of real handmade working




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Magda is a handmade ceramic mug with a funny modern handle. Her modern design is characterized by a dreamingful girl face with curly hair and a cylindrical shape that makes her very versatile. First of all, I suggest you try her by drinking tea or a hot chocolate! Magda is a nice mug, a funny and pop gift idea both for yourself or your friends. Moreover, if you have to work or study hard, try Magda as a pen holder for your desk. And if you love makeup, she could be the perfect makeup organizer for your bathroom too. Magda could become your new vase with handles to hold your plants or flowers: she loves nature! Each personality loves a particular color, so have fun choosing your favorite Magda. Let’s play with Magda during your daily routine and keep on dreaming
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