MELANIA black and white ceramic woman bottle vase

A eye-catching decorative accessory you can display on a shelf or surface or use as a flower vase. The head is a cap you can uncork when needed.


Height : 24 cm/9.5''
Width : 15 cm/6''
Depth : 5 cm/2’'


Colors: white/black




Possible differences in dimensions and painting are not defects but guarantee hand-made working


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“Melania” is a ceramic figure that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to every home. Stylish and cool is the perfect bedroom accessory or unusual living room ornament. A beautifully handmade small ceramic sculpture with feminine shapes. Her head is a cap you can uncork to use the black and white bottle as a flower vase. ”Melania" is the perfect gift you were looking for since she also holds a dream. Read the short story in the ‘About’ sections.
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