"Non sto dormendo. Chiudo gli occhi, apro la mente e sogno. I sogni prendono vita. Portami con te e prova anche tu"

Marcella Renna’s ceramics are colorful, joyful characters and objects that remind you the value and power of DREAMS. Azzurra, Gino, Melania, Mina & co. have their eyes closed not because they’re sleeping but because they’re dreaming. I’m sure that you, who are buying them for your home or to make a present, have a dream too! Believe in it, try to trace a path to make it happen and it will. Ask Marcella who managed to trade in her lawyers suit for an artists brush!
Her small and big design objects are cheerful, elegant, unique and bring positive vibes everywhere, they’re a friendly presence, they keep company at home, office, wherever you place them.
You can find them in our flagship store in Bologna, Via Monte Grappa 10/a,at our lovely retailers or just here