Drawing, drawing, drawing. While I was a child it was all about colors, pencils and sport, volleyball, swimming, tennis, I tried them all. Then: Law studies. That’s right, you won’t believe it, but it was me in Bari, Apulia, a promising young lawyer with a head full of dreams, colorful pictures, images and a big passion for art. I left my beautiful city and went to Strasbourg and the Court of Human Rights to complete my studies on European Law, but I strongly felt the need to interrupt this interesting path to test my artistic inclination. I moved to Milan, a city that welcomed me with its multiple inspirations coming from fashion, design and art. I studied and achieved an MA in Fashion Communication and an MA in Digital Design. Finally, the first jobs in fashion and graphic design gave me the opportunity to put my creativity to good use and lead me to the encounter with Ceramic. It was love at first sight!
I tried to learn as much as possible from all the wonderful artist friends I met on my journey from Milan, through Tuscany to London. London was the real turning point. I decided to rent my first studio at Petr Weigl’s shared creative studio where I seriously started to experiment and build the idea of my first ceramic collection. London is the city that will always have a special place in my heart, an extraordinary melting pot of culture, innovation, dynamism that has taught me the power of sharing. When you’re surrounded by lovely people who share your dream, difficulties, pain and joy you feel empowered and start to truly believe your dreams are not so crazy and can come true, and look… THEY DID! Back to Italy with a suitcase full of beautiful experiences, I turned them into my business and my brand of handmade ceramics which, through my graphic, joyful sign, aim to pass down one simple, positive message: DREAMS CAN COME TRUE
My colorful characters don’t sleep, but close their eyes to better envision their dreams and the path to make them happen.

Dreaming Ceramics

“Non sto dormendo. Chiudo gli occhi, apro la mente e sogno. I sogni prendono vita. Portami con te e prova anche tu”